April 2011 - Making Choices!

April 2011 Newsletter


Retreat Highlight
Holotropic Breathwork Retreat

with Jane Cooper and
Carolyn Green

May 20-22nd, 2011

Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful method
of self exploration, personal transformation and healing. It is based on and combines insights from modern consciousness research, depth psychology and various spiritual practices. Through breathing, evocative music, and focused release work, non-ordinary states of consciousness are induced.

Come and join us for this healing and cleansing weekend!


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Green for Life
by Victoria Boutenko



The Inside Job


Dear Friends,

Spring is in full bloom.......YEAH!  We are put up the 26' Teepees this week so they shall be available once again. I will post some photos of our beautiful brand new "Eagle" teepee on our website for you to see.  The Eagle Teepee will go where the Bear teepee was and the Bear Teepee will move to where the Buffalo Teepee. So you might wonder, what becomes of these Teepees after they have been of service for 7 years or so? Over 7 years the teepee absords so much happy holiday energy from the families within & absorbs all the outwardly and radiant passionate energy from the sun, river, and mountains.  All that energy in the canvas that has covered the lodge poles is now ready to become that of an Elder and cover the Sweat Lodge. Such is the seduction and cycle of our Mother Earth. All things have a consciousness. Ask any modern physicist.

And the great news of this Newsletter is that our Quantum Leaps COOKBOOK is now available for sale!The cost is only $20. (If you wish one mailed to you, add shipping costs of $5 plus tax) OR stop by the Lodge to buy one! Better yet get one while you are here on Retreat!   I know you will enjoy all of the 60 plus recipes in the book.  Send an email to info@quantumleaps.ca if you are interested in getting one!

Space is still available for all our 2011 Retreats so if you have a preferred Bed option (i.e the River Room) that you wish to have it is better to Register sooner then later!  If you register 1 month ahead, then you receive $50 OFF your Retreat package.  And if you've "Retreated" with us before you receive an additional $25 OFF.  See the link below for the updated and complete listing of upcoming 2011 Retreats.

sending heart songs,
Brian & Annette
Quantum Leaps Lodge
Golden, BC


Retreats and Workshops 2011

The Quantum Leaps Retreats calendar is set!  To see the listings of what there is planned for your
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SPIRULINA; Nature's Superfood

In the wake of the Japanese nuclear disaster, radiation has contaminated the food and water supply and the ocean in Japan and beyond. Radioactive particles have been carried to distant lands, dangerous levels have been detected in other countries. Even as far away as France, they have advised their citizen's not to drink cow's milk or anything that rain water has touched especially broad leaf green vegetables etc. Our mass media is controlled by 5 corporations; do not expect them to tell you the truth or our governments as they are run by the corporations. Do some reasearch, please wake up/rise up to what is going down. So during this time of possible exposure we need to protect ourselves from the toxicity of heavy metals and radiation. Even without the disaster in Japan, it is important in our contaminated world today to find the foods that will keep us healthy and free from cancer etc. i.e. not genetically modified.
Spirulina is one solution. The key on all what we have read is to keep our immune systems strong and healthy. Spirulina is a blue-green algae which contains chlorophyll and other nutrients that bind toxic compounds in the gut so getting rid of heavy metals and toxins through our elimination.
Not only that it has been scientifically proven to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol, it helps improve the immune system, alleviates allergies, and has been proven to fight viruses (source: Spirulina; Nature's Superfood by Kelly Moorhead and Bob Capelli).  I can go on and on about the benefits.  It is simply a SUPERFOOD!  So we encourage you to have a green smoothie everyday.  There are many products in the Health Food stores that contain Spirulina.  There are many different flavors; choose one that you like and will use everyday.  Or buy pure beautiful green Spirulina direct from Hawaii.  The company we order through is called Nutrex. 
We love drinking our Green Smoothie every morning (and getting the green mustache) and we feel GREAT knowing we are getting the nutrients we need plus the protection our bodies need at this time. Stop by and we will give you a sample.

"what does that look like?"

by Brian O and Annette 

Every breath we take is a choice. Whether you take a full breath and inhale all of life or take shallow breaths and feel restricted in life. We wake up every morning with choices about what to put into our body/mind/spirit to make them healthy and strong i.e Spirulina "smile". When we go to the store...now this is where it gets super important....we get to choose where our money is going to go! If you come and stay with us we will give you a free copy of the Better World Shopping Guide and the non GMO Shopping Guide. This will help you to make the choices that are healthy and supportive for you and our alive planet. When you get sick, you can choose between the conventional drugs or the herbal natural drugs. Every act in life is an act of self definition. What do you support? What do you wish to see in the world thrive and be abundant. We are powerful individuals, especially when it comes to our buying power or non buying power really.

We also have a choice coming up very soon.  Canadians are being faced with a choice once again.  May 2nd, 2011 is our Federal Election.  I know on that day, I will be sitting on the edge of my seat to see if Canadians are ready to jump into the 21st century and choose change and progress on issues like the environment and supporting what we call the lower and middle class people of this country.  That day we have a choice!  So even if you don't believe in the "system", it is the system for NOW and before we can change the system ( i.e. to regional representation) we have to allow the people that really want to make change in Ottawa to be there to start chipping away at the old ways.  So get out and VOTE! The fear fillled dragon's of the old Empires are holding on tooth and nail. The systems are imploding/exploding; rejoice this is a good thing..........letting go of our fear based sick-ciety......letting go of competition & protection; embracing cooperation & connection....letting go of our stressful addiction to busy-ness & instead nurturing ourselves in nature.

                               It is said that "POWER CORRUPTS THE FEW WHILE WEAKNESS CORRUPTS THE MANY"

This is a real choice and really what is true is that we have real choices to make not only on election day but EVERYDAY!  We are sovereign beings with real power! The corporations control the world & in so many ways are destroying it right before our eyes . Most people just do not want to acknowledge that & I dearly wish it was not true. The reason corporations like Monsanto get away with controlling/poisoning our food, that BP, Shell, Chevron, Exxon get away with poisoning our environment etc. is that WE DO NOTHING. We are as much to blame as they are because we do nothing!! And the corporations know that the vast majority of us are cowards. So here's the scoop; lets say even 10% of the people have the balls /ovaries to take a stand, then when there proposing to lay an oil pipeline through fragile nature or doing mountain top removal for coal, get together with 20 other men & woman and go stand on that mountain top and say NO. And when they arrest that 20 the next 20 go take a stand. I guarantee you that the corporations will back down.

And of course in the end it is YOUR CHOICE!

ps. here are some alternative news sources
Paul Lowe http://paullowe.org/index.html

Carolyn Baker http://carolynbaker.net/

CARE 2 Causes http://www.care2.com/causes/